CUSTOMER SERVICES: prices, terms and general conditions

Dear guest, below we detail our general terms and conditions, to be understood as an integral part of the proposals we have sent you. Please read them with the necessary attention. We hope you find clear and useful information.

A) Booking and payments :
The following standard prices are applied per apartment.
Daily rate (1-6 nights) 81 €
Weekly rate (7 nights) 491 €
Rate for 2 weeks (14 nights) 886 €
Monthly rate (4 weeks = 28 nights) 1.404 €
Daily rate (1-6 nights) 92 €
Weekly rate (7 nights) 605 €
Rate for 2 weeks (14 nights) 1.026 €
Monthly rate (4 weeks = 28 nights) 1.620 €
To find out the prices for additional 3rd or 4th person, please contact the Residence Superstar.
The prices listed above are indicative only and may vary based on seasonality and discounts.
  • advance payment of the overnight stay may be required;
  • in the case of advance payment request, the booking will be considered effective only when the payment is received;
  • we may ask the payment of 30% of the total amount as a deposit . The remaining balance must then be paid upon arrival;
  • we accept payments by bank transfer, credit card (online via the secure Paypal circuit, on site via POS), debit cards and cash within the limits of the law. We do not accept payments by check.
  • in the case of payment by bank transfer, the payment will be considered "effective" only when it is visible on our current account; the mere presentation of the bank transfer order will not be sufficient to consider the booking confirmed.
  • once payment has been received we will issue a regular electronic invoice.
  • 2) Extension of stay: methods

    Guests staying on a monthly basis (4 weeks), may wish to extend their stay (subject to availability). We are not able to guarantee availability if you wish to extend your stay beyond the period for which the payment was made.

    Guests must inform us that they desire to extend their stay within 7 days before the end of the monthly booking that was paid; if there is availability, payment for the extension must always be made within 7 days of the end of the monthly booking that was paid before. In the absence of communication and/or payment within the terms indicated above, we will be free to make other reservations.

    The price of the extension of the stay depends on the duration of the extension: if the extension is for one month (4 weeks), under equal conditions, the cost will be the same as agreed for the previous period (subject to any seasonal increases). However, if the extension is shorter than one month, the price follows the rates shown above.

    3) Check-in (on the day of arrival)

    From 3.00pm to 7.00pm. Upon arrival, the IDs of all the people who will occupy the accommodation, including minors, must be shown for communication to Police Headquarters. A credit card must also be provided which will be used both to guarantee that the payment for the stay, if not already made, will be made by the card holder, and that further extra consumption and any damages will be paid at the time of check-out.

    Before providing the booked apartment, our staff will, together with the customers, check the state of the apartment, with the relevant equipment; the customers are required to carefully examine the housing unit and if there is something wrong they are required to communicate it in the appropriate form that will be filled out together with our staff. In the absence of reports it is understood that the customers have viewed the apartment and that everything is to their satisfaction.

    Once the unit badge has been handed over, the guest can enter and exit the facility at any time and with maximum freedom. Any early check-in and late check-in must be agreed and could have an extra cost of 15 euros if not agreed 24 hours before of arrival.

    4) Cancellation and changes to the reservation
  • in the event that the booking is cancelled, for reasons not attributable to Residence Superstar, more than 10 days before the start of the stay, there will be no penalty.
  • in the event that the booking is cancelled, for reasons not attributable to Residence Superstar, less than 10 days before the start of the stay, a penalty equal to 30% of the total agreed amount will be applied to the guest.
  • once the stay has begun, any inability of one or more guests to use part or all of the stay will not result in a reduction in the agreed price.
  • in the event that, once the stay has already begun, the guest, for any reason, decides to cancel or shorten the stay, for reasons not attributable to Superstar Residence,, they are required to pay for the entire booked period.
  • 5) Check-out (the day of departure)

    Check-out must be from 8:30am to 10:00am; any late check-outs must be agreed with the on-site assistance staff at least the day before departure. Customers are required to check out only in the presence of our staff and after jointly checking the state in which the apartment is left by the customer. Any early check-out or late check-out must be agreed and could cost 15 euros.

    The customers undertakesto return the accommodation in the same condition in which they received it, free from personal objects and waste, dishes washed and hob tidy, refrigerator and microwave clean.

    In the event that the apartment's equipment is missing or excessively worn or faulty, we will behave as indicated in the following paragraph "Payment of damages and fines".

    6) Prohibitions, damages and sanctions

    It is strictly forbidden, by law, to change the identity of the people, or increase the number of them, staying in the assigned unit without having promptly agreed such change with the Superstar Residence; if it is discovered that the number or identity of the people staying is different from those agreed upon in the assigned unit, a fine of 250 euros will be imposed and the measures allowed by law will be taken..
    It is prohibited, by law, to allow third parties to enter the structure and to host in your unit those who have not had a regular check-in or who have not been notified to Superstar Residence staff.

    The Residence Superstar is a "Smoke free" accommodation facility, which implies a ban on smoking in all residential units and in all common areas inside the building. It is possible to smoke outside in the large garden available. Smoking is prohibited in the apartments in all cases, even if you keep the windows open or look out of the windows. The ban is required both for hygienic-sanitary reasons (bad smell) and for safety reasons regarding fire prevention. Fines range from €27.5 to €275 as applicable by law.

    Payment of damages and sanctions: if during their stay the customers were to cause theft and/or damage to the property's property and/or if they were to be subjected to sanctions for failure to comply with Superstar Residence terms and conditions (such as the smoking ban) the guests of the facility and the person (natural or legal person) who made the booking will be jointly liable and an immediate refund will be requested according to the price list reported in point 15.

    7) Cleaning
    The Superstar Residence provides:
    • the weekly cleaning of all the rooms in the apartment, including the kitchen, but not of the crockery and cookware and the disposal of rubbish which are the responsibility of the guest.
    • changing bathroom, bed and kitchen linen.

    If the guest requires additional cleaning or linen replacement, the following costs will be charged:

    • Extra cleaning of the apartment (including dishes): €35 per cleaning;
    • Replacement set of bathroom linen (face towel, shower towel): €10 per set;
    • Replacement set of double bed linen/sofa bed (bottom sheet, duvet bag, pillowcases): €20 per set;
    • Double duvet cover/sofa bed: €12
    • Kitchen linen (tablecloth and 2 tea towels): €5

    Waste: we ask our guests to divide waste (dry non-recyclable, recyclable organic waste, paper, plastic, glass) and to deposit it in the appropriate dedicated external areas.

    8) Magnetic keys

    access to the structure and accommodation is possible by using the magnetic cards. You will therefore be given 1 card per accommodation, which, inserted into the appropriate reader, will power the electricity. Any extra cards can be requested at reception. Loss or breakage of the card will result in the payment of a penalty of €15.

    9) Wi-Fi:

    free Wi-Fi is present everywhere; however, it is prohibited to use it for streaming services, such as Netflix, Prime Video, Youtube, Spotify, etc.

    10) Laundry:

    a small laundry room consisting of a sink, a washer/dryer, iron with ironing board is available to guests free of charge.

    11) Pets:

    they are not allowed in the Superstar Residence.

    12) Heating:

    in compliance with regulations on energy savings and the environment, the heating is turned on starting from October 15th; before this date it is forbidden (by law) to heat the units even with secondary heating systems (stoves, air conditioners, etc.). The internal temperature of the units that we guarantee in the winter months is 20°C: for many people this temperature is more than sufficient in the winter months, for some however it is a little low so an increase of 1-2 degrees Celsius is allowed if necessary.

    13) Silence hours:

    out of respect for other guests we ask you to respect the silence hours from 1.00pm to 3.00pm and from 10.00pm to 8.00am.

    14) Emergency numbers:

    in case of TRUE EMERGENCY SITUATIONS contact the following numbers +39 3513656281

    15) Refunds

    Listed below are the refunds owed by the guest to the Superstar Residence in the event that the objects and equipment in the apartment are damaged or missing:

    A) Bathroom and kitchen linen
    • Bidet towel: €10
    • Face towel: €15
    • Shower towel: €20
    • Mat: €10
    • Tablecloth: €15
    • Tea towels: €4
    B) Bed linen
    • Pillowcase: €6
    • Pillow: €30
    • Sofa bed sheet: €15
    • Double sheet: €20
    • Single bedspread: €40
    • Double bedspread: €45
    • Double/div duvet cover. bed: €35
    • Double duvet/single bed: €170
    • Double mattress/single bed: €300
    • Armchair cover: €100
    C) Household appliances
    • 32 inch TV: €280
    • Microwave oven: €150
    • Hob: €250
    • Dishwasher: €360
    • Hairdryer: €35
    D) Crockery
    • Pot: €20
    • Frying pan: €15
    • Bialetti Moka: €35
    • Glass: €3
    • Coffee cup: €3€
    • Mug: €5
    • Chopping knife: €15
    E) Furnishings
    • Shower cubicle: €350
    • Child's cot/cot: €150
    • Single bed base: €150
    • Double bed base: €190
    • Sofa bed: €400
    F) Keys
    • Gate remote control: €40
    G) Miscellaneous
    • Failure to respect the smoking ban: €150
    • Dishes to wash: €35
    • Universal adapter: €25
    • Entrance key: €15€